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Outdoor communication is one of the main target markets for LED wall big screens. Tecnovision has hundreds of installations in Europe, South America and Middle East.

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    The digitalization of analogical advertising buildings represents a growing trend in Indoor context, among which:
    airports, stations, cinema, shopping centre, and in exhibitions both for outdoor and semi outdoor.

    In Outdoor experience Ledwall systems are magined to be adapted to specific installation needs among which: blind walls,roofs,
    Facades glass-facades, supporting cars installations, platform roof, watches and totem.
    With a ten-year experience in this environment, Tecnovision allowed us to define constantly the technique in order to achieve the possibility to offer reliable solutions despite to application contest.
    Last year Tecnovision took part in some international digital media circuits, in some coutries as: Italy, France, Portugal, Romania, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dubai, Kuwair, Oman, Qatar.

    The know-how reflects the whole chain, from the planning to the implementation. With a strong image and quality systems, we represent an excellent choice for Editors and dealers interested in the digitalization of their networks.

    The fascination of giant displays

    The spectacular nature of large installations is increasingly appreciated

    The big screen is by definition the most spectacular product that one can encounter, especially when it is equipped with LED technology that is able to provide high definition image quality and colour uniformity.
    The creation of giant LED wall screens requires specific structures and skills that are not required for smaller installations.
    Tecnovision, with its installed total of 6,000 square metres and a technical department that has done thousands of installations of every type and size, is one of the organisations that are most qualified to handle large projects.
    Relying on Tecnovision means having an available technology partner able to support any project from the pre-project phase to acceptance. This is all accompanied by a continuous accounting service, aimed at ensuring that the customer gets the best results with the least organizational and operating burden.

    Quality images, even in daylight

    Quality LED walls are characterized by their brightness and sharpness

    LED screens have always been widely used in the field of outdoor advertising, thanks to the two main characteristics that are inherent in their technology, namely a high level of luminance combined with excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.
    Luminance is a fundamental parameter in the field of outdoor installations and therefore is one of the factors taken into greatest account. The quality of the final output of the display, however, is not directly proportional to its maximum luminous capacity. What counts most is that the screen control electronics should be able to optimise the luminous coefficient of each LED point in such a way as to achieve perfect colour uniformity over the entire surface of the display. Giant screen installations are often exposed to the most challenging weather conditions and this quickly tests the real quality of the technology that has been adopted.

    Quality Indoor Media

    Digitization also pays off in large-format indoor screens

    The production of the advertising banners, and their subsequent delivery and installation, are process steps that make it impossible to grasp last minute opportunities. By definition, they exclude the possibility of organising multi-client or multi-brand campaigns.
    For these reasons, those who control high prestige advertising spaces, which are the ones particularly attractive to investors, will soon realize the benefits can which flow from the installation of LED wall screens. In the case of indoor applications, LED technology is capable of offering an extremely high quality of output. The investment is quite modest when compared to the added value that it creates.
    Tecnovision supports site operators who are in the process of digitizing their installations, by offering their own software platforms that are able to maximize advertising revenues, in combination with the hardware.

    Increase the value of the screens

    FluidNext combines operational efficiency with an increase in potential

    Now that ten years have passed since the birth of the digital signage market, there are many software programmes that allow you to manage centrally the content to be transmitted from the installations.
    Tecnovision has chosen to invest in creating its own software platform, which is capable of increasing the value of advertising screens by enabling them to interact with the target audience via smartphone. It also allows for innovative advertising formats featuring seamless integration with the web and social media channels of the featured brands.
    Thanks to the FluidNext platform, advertising LED walls will become real touch points for an experience that generates immediate and measurable conversion into sales.
    Our vision aims at helping our customers create value by using our solutions.

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    Freestanding installations

    The importance of freestanding solutions in Outdoor Media

    Among the different types of media used in outdoor contexts, freestanding installations are often adopted in order to be most visible to vehicular traffic, particularly in those cases where there are no pre-existing buildings or structures on which to install the display.
    Tecnovision has built several circuits in different parts of the world by adopting different mechanical solutions and designs. Some of these even included the option of automatically rotating the panel by 180 degrees, in order to make the most of the alternating traffic flow.
    Tecnovision’s usual approach provides, in most cases, for the direct management of all phases of the design, engineering and manufacturing of the solutions, so as to guarantee the final result. This provides maximum assurance to the customer, both during the work in progress phase and after completion of the installation.

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