Retail Digital Signage

Some of the world's major brand retailers have chosen Tecnovision to support them in the development of digital media within their stores

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    Over the past five years, store design has evolved considerably in terms of both maximizing space efficiency and the technological setup. There are a multitude of end goals that have driven brands to make significant investments in digital signage systems.

    One of the major objectives is to increase the visibility and attractiveness of the store façade, to better intercept passersby and encourage them to come inside; or to make communication reserved for visitors more effective, or attempt to guide customers in the buying process, involving, informing and encouraging them.
    Tecnovision has had the opportunity to participate in many prestigious projects, during which it has worked directly with end customers and with architecture and interior design firms charged with creating and designing the layout.

    Spectacular façades

    LED walls are a veritable architectural skin

    The traditional concept of neon signs has been totally reformulated thanks to the versatility of LED technology.
The ability to design screens of any size and format and use curves or sharp edges has made LED modules an option that architecture and interior design firms contemplate increasingly frequently as part of their work to embellish store fronts, façades and windows.
In Milan, the capital of Italian fashion, more and more top brands have decided to implement the “creative digitisation” of their building.
Tecnovision has been involved with almost all the most important projects undertaken in Italy, including the Excelsior Milano on Corso Vittorio Emanuele , designed by Jean Nouvel, and the Brian&Barry Building in Piazza San Babila.


    Versatile technology at the service of designers

    New technical solutions and media for designers and architecture firms

    The market for LED walls has been on the up for about three years now, and this is due to two major contributing factors: lower prices resulting in higher volumes and the evolution of technology that has made the field of application much wider and more versatile.
The image resolution and brightness of LED screens continues to grow, to the point that it is beginning to invade markets which until recently were the exclusive domain of LCD monitors.
Tecnovision believes that in order to sustain a market that is changing so quickly, it is necessary to share its specific expertise, acquired over almost thirty years, with the main protagonists in the world of design and architecture, that is those who are really behind the application implementation choices.

    LED solutions for interiors

    Light walls, screens built into the decor, columns and digital displays

    Store interiors are also increasingly populated by displays in different sizes and with different functions. LEDs dominate some fields of application, particularly less conventional ones, including:
    1. Large format screens
    2. Non-conventional formats
    3. Large pitch displays for covering walls
    4. Ceiling coverings
    5. Portions of the screen built into the decor
    6. LED columns
    7. Self-supporting display stands


    Solutions for windows

    Tecnovision has developed its own range of Window Systems

    For stores, windows represent one of the most important assets from a sales and marketing perspective. Sometimes, they run the risk of having so many lights on the street that the expenses in terms of production, installation and dismantling costs outweigh the benefits of the product.
In addition, some product categories have plentiful, prestigious window space that is almost completely unused or only partially exploited. Using LED wall systems, this could become powerful self-branding media or even be marketed to third parties.
To encourage and facilitate the implementation of such projects, Tecnovision has streamlined the expertise it has acquired in thirty years in business, producing a range of integrated, ready-to-use solutions.

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