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Giorgio Armani

One of the greatest examples of Italian excellence in the world

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One of the greatest examples of Italian excellence in the world

Led-Totem HD in più di 20 store

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Giorgio Armani entrusted Tecnovision with creating and implementing dozens of made-to-measure LED screens for its most important European flagship stores

Implemented solutions

  • Single-face LED columns

    Tailor-made displays

    pitch 3.9 / 5.9

  • Special columns

    High-impact solutions

    pitch 3.9 / 5.9

  • Giant indoor screens

    High-definition LED walls

    pitch 2.5 / 3.9

LED walls integrated into the decor

Made-to-measure solutions

The “tailored” approach to the creation of digital signage media is one of the aspects that most enhances the choice of LED displays, compared to LCD displays. There are many variables relating to the mechanical physiognomy, methods of ventilation, brightness and resolution, so many that a particularly attentive and focused preliminary planning stage is required. Without it, we would run the risk of the final installation result not meeting expectations. Tecnovision has been working for years with architecture and interior design firms, its aim being to support customers right from the stage of identifying the most appropriate solutions for the context in which they will be used.

Indoor high-resolution formats

2.5 and 3.9 mm pitch, for LED screens suited to close-up visibility

The technological progression with which LED displays have evolved in recent years has brought down the gap in quality at close viewing distances that separated LED technology from LCD technology.
That is why the LED wall market is increasingly encroaching on the videowall sector which, despite achieving a considerable reduction in the size of the display separation edges, has not been able to eliminate them entirely. As a result, in order to create large format screens that are perfectly homogenous, the choice has to fall on LED technology. With ultra narrow 2.5 and 3.9 mm pitches, LED screens are able to guarantee perfect, clear visibility from 2.5 m away, an ideal compromise for retail use.

Columns with right angles

The charm of the sharp edge

The versatility of LEDs is best expressed when the appearance of the screen does not respect the classic aspect ratio and especially when the design includes non-planar shapes. In retail, the ability of LED screens to become an “alternative architectural skin” is increasingly used by designers to enhance areas that are difficult to allocate, such as columns, ceilings, steps, lighting boxes.
Specifically, the ability to manage corners of different gradations whilst keeping the image continuity opens the field to the development of three-dimensional physiognomies capable of expressing a spectacular visual rendering.
For this type of application, Tecnovision uses a proprietary technology to map the display surfaces that simplifies the creation of content in relation to the format complexity.

International project management

The value of a partner accustomed to operating on a global scale

When it comes to integrated international projects, which start from the design stage and culminate with the logistics, installation, configuration and testing of the systems and subsequent after-sales support, the competitive landscape is quite different to the crowding that characterises the simple provision of hardware. Companies that are structured to operate globally, like Tecnovision, are able to provide their customers with a homogeneous service irrespective of the geography envisaged in the implementation plan, accompanied by ongoing support, something that is essential, especially for large brands that operate without borders and require standardised, scalable processes.

Giant indoor LED walls

LED walls to accompany visitors through the buying process

Traditional printed backlit panels are increasingly transformed into large format LED displays built into the walls placed in areas with greater user flows, such as entrances to stores. In general, more and more brands have chosen to use visual communication within their stores to provide immediate and effective information to their visitors. By means of FluidNext technology, Tecnovision is able to manage the interaction between all the screens present inside the store, making it possible to create a coherent, experiential content pathway.


Led Pitch

6/3.9/2.5 / SMD








1200 NIT


Giorgio Armani entrusted Tecnovision with creating and implementing dozens of made-to-measure LED screens for its most important European flagship stores

Content Management

Gestione del contenuto da remoto con software proprietario TecnoVISION e dove richiesto, integrazione con software M-Cube.

Installation physiognomy



Via Alessandro Manzoni 24, Milano, Italia


Via Alessandro Manzoni 24, Milano, Italia

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