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Italian excellence in the world

 Expo Milano / Italia


Italian excellence in the world

12 Ledwall, 24 Videowall e rispettivi software


Ferrero chose Tecnovision for its presence as a leading player at Expo 2015

Implemented solutions

  • Display facilities

    Outdoor Display

    pitch 5.9 / 8.0

  • Children's area

    Cinema Display

    pitch 3.9 / 5.9

  • Interactive space

    Interactive Video Wall

    LCD full HD

Display for outdoor facilities

Several case studies in a major project

The most important international exhibition in the world hosted in Italy with the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.
One of the major world excellences in the confectionery industry, for that matter Italian, could only participate as a protagonist.
The presence of Ferrero at Expo Milano 2015 involved a number of areas and facilities that, in all cases, were fitted with high quality LED wall displays of different sizes and type according to the specific application contexts.
Tecnovision joined the Architecture Firm to which Ferrero had assigned the conception and design of all the display structures, providing the necessary technical support to identify the most suitable technologies to meet their objectives for each installation.

High quality rental service

Tecnovision quality even for rental

The technological progress with which LED displays have evolved in recent years, has brought down the quality gap of close viewing distances separating LED technology from the LCD one.
That is why the LED wall market is subtracting more and more space to video walls that, although they have reached a considerable reduction in the size of the separation edges of the display, are not able to eliminate them altogether, and consequently, to create perfectly homogenous screens of large dimensions the choice falls necessarily on LED technology.
With ultra-narrow 2.5 and 3.9 mm pitches, LED screens are able to guarantee perfect, clear visibility from a distance of 2.5 m, an ideal compromise for retail use.

“Not only LEDs”

Know how across all the technologies

The evolution of LED wall technology has continued to make progress in terms of increasing the number of pixels, thus being able to expand its market share at the expense of LCD displays, invading the field of indoor applications that provide screen visibility from a reduced distance.
In contrast, the market for LCD displays responded with a steady growth of the formats (currently up to about 100”) and a reduction in the size of image interruption lines in video wall solutions.
A company operating in the digital signage market, or more generally in visual communication, cannot afford to be tied to a single technology. To be dealt with in the best way according to the specific needs of the application context and purpose of the project, each different case cannot be tied to know how limits of the supplier.
Tecnovision has been dealing with cross-competence projects for many years.

People who assist you 24/7

The value of choosing a structured, international company

Tecnovision operates in a market controlled by many brokers who simply import and sell Chinese products, with few companies structured and able to ensure the essential reliability in managing large projects for primary level brands.
This statement is substantiated by an operating process that requires each project to be assisted by a team of professionals coordinated by a technical – business representative who acts as a reference for the customer. Buying a Tecnovision product means having the confidence to rely on competent, responsible people who are aware that the job is not finished once you get the order but only when you obtain the customer’s full satisfaction.


Led Pitch

5.9 / 8 / 12 SMD




80 sqm tot.


Indoor / Outdoor




Ferrero chose Tecnovision for its presence as a leading player at Expo 2015

Content Management

Una regia mobile permette al personale di Ferrero di gestire in piena autonomia gli eventi organizzati all'interno del padiglione interagendo con maxi-schermi LED e gestendo l’audio attraverso un sistema wireless di casse acustiche e microfoni.

Installation physiognomy


FieraMilano, Via de Gasperi, Milano, Italia

FieraMilano, Via de Gasperi, Milano, Italia

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