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Sephora Flagship


Sephora Flagship

One of the largest perfumery chains in the world

 Multi country / Global

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One of the largest perfumery chains in the world

In Store Creative-Ledwall


Sephora is an international chain constantly expanding and as such, it needs reliable suppliers, capable of operating on an international scale ensuring uniformity of service

Implemented solutions

  • Shaped banner display

    Curved LED wall

    pitch 3.9

  • Indoor LED wall

    LED wall displays

    pitch 3.9

  • Flat banner display

    Magnetic strip LED wall

    pitch 3.9

Shaped LED walls

The displays are adapted to the appearance of the walls

LED wall displays installed inside stores offering multi-brand products, very often have the function of advertising systems for trade marketing with the aim of promoting campaigns for specific brands.
For this reason, many retailers decide to equip their stores with LED walls of great effect, although this requires a significant investment especially when it comes to large chains with hundreds of sales points.
When installations concern existing shops and the aim is to achieve a seamless integration of the screen in relation to furnishings and design of the store, it is necessary to create systems with adjustable mechanical joints, or able to adapt perfectly to the type of wall or furniture.

Bright colours and deep images

Tecnovision’s electronics enhance the potential of the display

Image brightness and colour fidelity are key parameters to define the real quality of any display.
In the case of installations in the retail environment and in particular for the luxury, fashion and make up sectors, colour fidelity is an essential qualitative parameter for obtaining the maximum output resolution from the system.
Tecnovision electronics are able to guarantee that each screen gives the maximum performance in relation to the type of LED with which it is equipped.
FluidNext software enables to control the colour settings of the display and manage the transmission of schedules remotely, with a proprietary video compression algorithm designed to maintain the quality unaltered with respect to the source format.

Magnetic support LED banners

A very effective format to position on shelves

The banner format, traditionally used on sports fields, is beginning to be increasingly appreciated also in the retail environment.
Choice of the “LED banner” is particularly suited to ensure an extended cover of the store and combine perfectly with the position of the shelves.
A single LED installation, which extends along the entire perimeter of the store, offers the additional opportunity to create chromatic effects of great effect related to the content transmitted and with all the resulting benefits in terms of attracting consumers.
This type of system is also particularly appropriate for the promotion of specific products, with the aim to facilitate impulse buying.

Tecnovision international services

The simplicity of choosing a single partner worldwide

Tecnovision is a global operator, structured to offer perfect homogeneity of service regardless of the geographic location where the installation is carried out.
Multinational companies that decide to rely on Tecnovision for the implementation of digital signage circuits on an international scale, benefit from the process simplification given by the possibility of having a single source for a simultaneous implementation in more than one country.
In addition to implementation, Tecnovision is structured to ensure the necessary continuity in the management of all post-sales aspects, including maintenance and distribution of schedules.


Led Pitch

3.9/8/20/50 / SMD








1200 NIT


Sephora is an international chain constantly expanding and as such, it needs reliable suppliers, capable of operating on an international scale ensuring uniformity of service

Content Management

Software Fluid per la gestione dei contenuti da remoto come unico network. Possibilità di realizzare contenuti ad hoc con interfaccia audio durante eventi in store.

Installation physiognomy


Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano, Italia


Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano, Italia

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