Twickenham Stadium

Twickenham Stadium

FluidNext Sport in the "Cathedral" of world rugby.

 Twickenham / England

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FluidNext Sport in the "Cathedral" of world rugby.


The famous English Rugby Football Union relies on the 'Made in Italy' technology for the Twickenham Stadium in London.

Implemented solutions

  • Led Outdoor 1200x900 mm

    TL10o SMD

    lenght 1200 / height 900 / 2,520 sqm

  • PAB software

    FluidNext Sport

    Platinum Version

Twickenham Stadium in London

FluidNext Sport was selected by the Rugby Football Union

Another success has been achieved. The innovative FluidNext Sport technology, that is revolutionising communication management between the brand and the sport’s spectators, was selected by the Rugby Football Union, the most important Rugby league in the world.  The ‘Made in Italy’ solution created by Tecnovision becomes part of the “World Cathedral of rugby”, Twickenham Stadium in London, providing its innovative services as of this year’s championship. FluidNext Sport at the international level does not appear to slow down.

The FluidNext Sport revolution

FluidNext Sport arrives in England

FluidNext Sport redefines the concept of LED systems in the sporting world, for example, with the installations on the sidelines of San Siro and the NBA-style maxi LED panel cubes, within the Mediolanum Forum in Assago (FluidNext Sport for these works they received international awards such as the Repucom research award and the Innovative Solution of the Year Award). Now FluidNext Sport arrives in England as part of the leading championship, after the Premier League.

Web on Field

A new concept of advertising.

FluidNext Sport for ADV content management within Twickenham Stadium in London has developed unique solutions in the international sporting scene, introducing a new concept of advertising in the stadiums by exploiting the potential of the “web on field” for the first time in an English league. From today, brands possess an instrument which is capable of adapting communication in real time and creating different messages depending on the moment and the target audience: Tracking and changing content in real time, customer reports, mapped statistics which can be directly consulted online via the Cloud, automatic ADV transfer, creation of shadows in order to darken the part of the LEDs affected by the sun.

Domination: In addition to the sophisticated FluidNext software, Tecnovision puts the best LED solutions on the market into play inside Twickenham Stadium in London. Innovative and highly spectacular, the selected displays for the Rugby Football Union will best maximise the fans’ contextual experience. An example of this are the Ribbon Boards, LED perimeter strips which are installed, in most cases, in correspondence with the stairs in the stands. Their function is to contribute in a very important way to the creation of the spectacular visual effects and to transmit television relevant advertising content. Ribbon boards normally represent extension elements of the function performed by the perimetrical advertising boards.


FluidNext Sport: the new way to communnicate sports events

A revolutionary way to live the stadium experience

With FluidNext Sport data management will also be completely innovative: the names of the teams will be able to “regulate” themselves, obscure the dynamic widgets and create clocks and countdowns. Solutions that will allow sponsors, teams and fans to experience the sporting event in a completely new and interactive way. But that’s not all. Thanks to FluidNext Sport, sports stadiums will be able to offer an instrument that is capable of creating dialogue between the Club and the spectator and to ensure the sponsors directly engage the audience with exclusive features and modes.


Led Pitch

TL 10


120 x 90 px


2520 sqm




5.500 NIT


The famous English Rugby Football Union relies on the 'Made in Italy' technology for the Twickenham Stadium in London.

Content Management

Installation physiognomy


Whitton Rd, Twickenham TW2 7BA, Regno Unito

Whitton Rd, Twickenham TW2 7BA, Regno Unito

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