10 May 2016


FluidNext Sport presents its revolutionary technology to the whole football world.

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Ribbon Board that increases the sponsorship value and the spectacular quality of the matches

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World Stadium Congress 2016 | Doha

After the strong restyling, in terms of concept and design, of the pichside leds set inside San Siro Stadium and the maxi LED cube in the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, Tecnovision bursts with its revolutionary technology FluidNext Sport into the World Stadium Congress 2016 in Doha,Qatar, the largest international conference that gathers the most important football stakeholders.

FluidNext Sport turns the concept of digital signage from the traditional content management into an omnichannel experience between the customer and the brand. FluidNext is a special tool that considers every LED surface as an html5 browser, living the old concept of playlist as a simple sequence of logos. Able to change schedules and contents real-time and to manage in sync all the LED surface with the same dashboard, FluidNext Sport became the technology of the future, with no tecnological and electronical limits.

During World Stadium Congress 2016, Tecnovision also presents the Board Ribbon solutions, the perimetral LED often installed into Stadium at the stands of the bleachers. Their function is to contribute in a very disruptive way either to the spectacular visual effects or to the transmission of television advertising content relevance. The Ribbon board, normally represents an extension of the functions performed by the perimetral advertising board.

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