27 November 2015


Tecnovision and FluidNext Sport present the innovative solution dedicated to indoor sports and centre-hung displays


The innovative software suite for managing all digital media in sport.

Luogo installazione

FSB Cologne tradefair

After the success encountered in football, the FluidNext platform comes up with a basketball version.

During the FSB tradefair in Cologne entitled “The future for the world of recreation,” Tecnovision presented FluidNext Basket, the software solution designed to revolutionise the management of all digital media used in indoor sports facilities.
The large indoor systems use a significant number of LED surfaces, shared between several types of media which should hopefully be able to synchronise with each other, namely: perimeter advertising board, single or dual ribbon perimeter board, display scoreboard, centre-hung display, on-field timer.
FluidNext manages both the scoreboard component, which has a completely innovative concept while remaining perfectly compliant with FIBA regulations, and the the editorial and advertising content.
The synchronised management of all the media and the back end planning of the processes relating to scheduling and interfacing with sponsors are such innovative factors that they represent a generational leap compared to traditional softwarei; The disruptive element is characterised by the mobile app, offering the opportunity to interact with the public.

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