20 May 2016

FluidNext Sport captures the football worldwide reputation

The revolutionary platform wins the prestogious award “Innovative Best Solution of the Year”
World Stadium Congress 2016, Doha, Qatar

Luogo installazione

World Stadium Congress 2016 | Doha

Another international success has to be included in the crowded board of trophies won. FluidNext Sport, after being elected as the most innovative technology (Repucom Research ) for the management of LED systems in sporting fields, standed out by winning the prestigious Award Innovative Solution of the Year during the World Stadium Congress 2016.

The coveted award presented by the authoritative jury of the WSC chaired by Matt Ross, Stadia Magazine editor and Tim Brouw, Sports and Stadium Consultant, consecrated, in front of the most important influencer of world football, FluidNext Sport as the revolutionary existing technology in a stadium.

Able to radically change the way of living a sporting event, FluidNext Sport marks a point of no return between the old boards and the technology of the future, offering the fan a contextual experience new and interactive.

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