04 March 2015


Fashion and advanced technology. Giorgio Armani renews its megastore at Via Manzoni 31, Milan.


High resolution ledwall 1024x768

Luogo installazione

Via Manzoni, 31 - Milan (Italy)



Sup. Totale Maxischermi

12 sqm

Interasse Fisico

3.9 mm

Led per pixel

1RGB (Black SMD)

Elettronica di controllo

DLX Spot

Armani and TecnoVISION renew the megastore in Milan

The excellence of elegance made in Italy that carries the signature of Giorgio Armani has chosen for years the technological excellence of TecnoVISION with the realizations of dozens of boutiques worldwide. To enphasize the character of modernity of its megastore in the center of Milan, were renewed the earlier ledwall supplied by TecnoVISION.

Inside the store was set up a 4×3 meters display with very high resolution and black LED for an higher contrast and perfect image, able to engage and attract customers and passersby.

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