24 February 2014


Shiseido Temporary Store at La Rinascente in Milan


Digital Temporary Store, consisting of 4 LED walls, installed in one night only.

Luogo installazione

La Rinascente - Milan, Piazza Duomo (Italy)


TL4i + TL6i

Sup. Totale Maxischermi

9 sqm

Interasse Fisico

4,00 / 6,00

Led per pixel


Elettronica di controllo

DLX Spot


Temporary Store

At la Rinascente department store, in the heart of Milan, TecnoVISION and The Mad Box have set up a futuristic temporary store for Shiseido, a leading company in the cosmetics industry. Thanks to the construction of artistic fittings integrated with different technologies and high-quality LED displays used for showcases, Shiseido obtained unprecedented visibility for a week time.

In one night TecnoVISION has installed 2 high-resolution LED-Totems model TL4i (432×672 Pixels, 1728×2688 mm each) + 2 Displays model TL6i (384×320 Pixels, 2304×1920 mm each)

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