19 January 2016


Armani Olimpia chooses a spectacular central hung to offer its public a greater comfort


The first italian central hung managed by the innovative and revolutionary platform FluidNext Sports / Basketball

Luogo installazione

Italy | Forum di Assago, Milan

FluidNext Basket, introduced just three months ago, takes the field thanks to Armani Olimpia

Tecnovision strengthens further its leadership in the sector of scoreboards and video communication for the sport.
After the great results obtained thanks to FluidNext Sport technology, actually used by the most of the Serie A soccer teams, Tecnovision and the FluidNext Sport Division invested in developing a tailor made solution for basket and, more in detaill, for the last generation Sport Buildings.
Sure enough, Olimpia Milano will be the first basket team all over Europe to offer its public innovative ways of engagement, including real time interactions between smartphones and the central hung; more than this, their sponsors, could take advantage of captivating and innovative advertising formats working together perfectly in sync.
Large more than 100 sqm, the central hung has been totally engineered by the Tecnovision Design Department, with a solution that allows to dismantle it in a fast and easy way during the events where is not needed.

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