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A combination of experience and innovation guaranteed by more than 1,500 installations and recognised by many top brands

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    More than 1,500 installations worldwide

    Extensive experience that we share with our customers

    Experience is the main factor in building up truly vertical, in-depth expertise. It was in 1987 that Tecnovision began to produce the first bulb displays, and for nearly three decades, it continued to invest in research with the aim of marketing solutions able to stand out thanks to their quality and reliability.
Today, the strategy is to focus on the development of end-to-end solutions, characterised by the use of innovative proprietary software able to create real value added in each specific field of application.
The significant number of systems installed worldwide involves all sports in about twenty countries.

    LIVE content management

    An LED management system for sports that revolutionizes the market

    Tecnovision has a proprietary technology that can handle all perimeter media (perimeter advertising boards), ribbon boards and large LED walls with methods and potential never seen before.
Traditional size and resolution limits are completely eliminated with the use of innovative methods of real-time content management and live rendering, greatly expanding the offer of marketing formats that can better enhance clubs and sponsors.
FluidNext is a technology designed and developed to help business operators to create value using the latest tools that can be seamlessly integrated into a concept of digital cross-strategy.

    Giant screens and multi-sport scoreboards

    Several large stadiums around the world have chosen the reliability offered by Tecnovision

    The Tecnovision brand is well-known in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, North Africa and South America, since many of the most important sports facilities are equipped with giant screens from Italy.
Over the last five years, we have invested heavily to transform the experience gained in the field into a software suite for managing scoreboards, able to offer extremely innovative features both in terms of front-end graphics and workflow management and in the scheduling and live show phases.
Today, as a result of a sustained commitment to innovation, the Tecnovision range of giant screens can be considered the most advanced on the market, also thanks to the ability to interact with the public.

    International references of primary level

    The satisfaction of seeing our commitment recognized

    Besides often having the pleasure and honour of being involved in major international projects, with our great satisfaction, we have received many written testimonials from prestigious customers stating they are fully satisfied with their collaboration with Tecnovision.
    In a highly competitive, growing market like that of LED walls, there are many serious companies in the industry, but also many improvised and unreliable ones. Tecnovision’s references offer customers guidelines to be more aware of the values involved.

    Perimetral Advertising boards

    Tecnovision’s Perimeter LED Banners are certified to comply with UEFA

    LED displays positioned around the entire perimeter of the sport field are the main support for providing television sponsorships, adopted in many sports both outdoor and indoor.
    During its history, Tecnovision has created several kilometres of banners for the sports sector and this year in particular, it has been engaged in the supply of equipment for the Stadiums in Milan and Rome (San Siro and Stadio Olimpico). Verification by the UEFA was necessary for this assignment to assess actual compliance of the Tecnovision system with the strict requirements for the use of the media during Champions League matches. Even in this circumstance, Tecnovision products passed the validation process with “honours” and obtained the “UEFA compliance” certification.

    A real generational leap forward

    FluidNext, the most advanced platform in the field of Sports Entertainment
    (Repucom research October 2015)

    After years of research and development, FluidNext was launched on the Italian market in May 2015. It met with great success among operators in the sector, and, within just a few months, had been adopted as the technology platform for sponsorship management by fifteen teams in Serie A and three in Serie B, as well as the National team (for home matches).
    This great milestone, achieved in such a short time, has led us to inquire about the innovative potential of the FluidNext technology; in relation not only to the Italian market, but to the entire European scene. We decided to entrust Repucom with the task of analysing the “status quo” of the technologies adopted by all the clubs in the European Championships, and it emerged that FluidNext is in fact the most advanced software suite currently on the market and in use.

    The public can interact with the LED displays!

    To involve and highlight the spectators, making them part of the show

    Of all the “ambient media” characterised by large numbers of users, the Stadium is best suited to producing active involvement by the public, for the following reasons:

    · The people who go to the Stadium are enjoying a time of relaxation and fun, and this encourages a positive, receptive mood.
    · They remain in the same location for at least 120 minutes.
    · They have an emotional investment in the participants in the game, and identify with the colours and the values ​​of their team.
    · A substantial proportion of the people who go to the stadium spend over a hundred Euros each.

    Supposing spectators were able to interact with their team and sponsors through the team app, and could access opportunities for engagement which offered possible benefits of various types, or the chance for a priceless experience or premium services on demand.

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    Sponsorship & Contents management

    Managing very complex processes becomes extremely simple.

    Many of the features introduced by FluidNext serve to enhance output in terms of performance quality but may also be perceived as intimidating in terms of management complexity.
    The FluidNext software suite consists of several components, one of which is the CMS web interface, designed to simplify the management of all the processes (both conventional and innovative) involved in planning sponsorship and advanced sports production.
    The web platform allows you to arrange the display on a calendar basis, to interface with sponsors through special dedicated interfaces, to assemble together all the publishing and media assets associated with the players and the brand, and to manage the dynamic templates on which the graphics are generated in real time. It represents a genuine revolution in terms of optimising processes and achieving maximum operating efficiency.

    Realtime data rendering

    LIVE Infotainment for spectators

    The attraction and value of LIVE participation in the Stadium also has a cutting-edge infotainment component.
    Data on the performance of the players, feedback collected from spectators via mobiles, and social media input shared on the official sites of the team and sponsors can be translated into attractive and informative animated graphics.

    • Performance
    • Mobile Feed
    • Social Feed

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